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Back to school not just for kids

JoshSusan_20150914_2 by Lex Thomas Over the past few decades, adult students all the way from 30-somethings to retirees, have flocked to high school and college campuses in growing numbers. Some return to the classroom to advance career options, others to resume educations disrupted during their teens,...

Channel 8 Community Updates September 15th 2015

SLCT_CU_thumb1 Sterling Lancaster Community Television Channel 8 Community Updates September 15th 2015 Including reports by Lex Thomas, editor of Sterling Meetinghouse News

Hail storm exacts heavy toll on Sterling farmers

Hail storm tree by Lex Thomas A hail storm that pounded parts of Sterling on August 4 has left several farmers with acres of crops either totally destroyed, or too blemished to sell on the wholesale market where they earn a significant portion, if not all, of their...