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Candidates for the Town Election

   The following Sterling residents have returned nomination papers and will be on the ballot for the 2014 Town Election, which will be held on May 12. 
   Robert F. Cutler (candidate for re-election) for Board of Assessors; Joan M. Pineo (candidate for re-election) for constable; Donna M. Clark (candidate for re-election), Edmoth H. Matthews, and Daniel Donovan for Board of Health; Ronald A. Furmaniuk (candidate for re-election) and John F. Kilcoyne for Board of Selectmen; Lawrence R. Favreau (candidate for re-election) for DPW Board (Kevin Beaupre took nomination papers for the DPW Board, but did not return them, so won’t be on the ballot); John L. Dwyer (candidate for re-election) and Marion W. Mahar for two open seats for library trustee; George M. Pape (candidate for re-election) and Brian J. Pierce for Municipal Light Board; and Karen C. Leclerc for Sterling Housing Authority.
   There are no candidates for the two open seats on the Wachusett Regional School Committee, or the one open seat on the Planning Board. A resident took nomination papers for Planning Board in March, but decided to withdraw.


Board of Selectmen meetings

Here are a couple items from the Board of Selectmen update that we didn't have enough space for in the printed issues:

Fire Department expenditures approved

Selectmen unanimously approved the Wachusett Fund Committee’s recommendation to fund the Fire Department’s requests for a $1,500 tuition reimbursement for a paramedic course approved by the Board of Selectmen in 2012, and $2,150 to update CPR mannequins and other training adjuncts, which has been significantly offset by funding from Sterling EMS and an Eagle Scout community CPR project contribution, expected to total about $1,400.

Selectmen approved an expenditure of up to $3,650. Fire Chief David Hurlbut will report back with the exact sum, and provide final invoices to the Wachusett Fund Committee.

Sterling police officers commended

Police Chief Gary Chamberland reported to the Board of Selectmen on February 12 that the Sterling Police Department has been recognized as having the fourth largest Twitter following nationwide for departments of its size. The Twitter account is administered by Officer Lane Pomeroy. Selectmen expressed their appreciation, and plan to send Officer Pomeroy a letter of acknowledgement.

Chamberland also reported that the Princeton Police Department has sent a letter commending Detective David Johnson, who assisted them and Massachusetts State Police in investigating a break and enter incident in Princeton.