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Sterling Meetinghouse News under new ownership

James and Ann Barbato of Sterling are the new owners of the Sterling Meetinghouse News. Their son, Mark Barbato, will be the publisher.

Mark is very enthusiastic about his new venture, and is passionate about the town of Sterling. He spent part of his childhood growing up in Sterling, and attended Wachusett Regional High School while living in Holden. Mark currently lives in Leicester, and makes frequent trips to visit his dad, who has lived in Sterling for 40 years.

As I introduced Mark to some of the shop owners in town, his ties to Sterling quickly became evident. Discussions centered around the businesses that existed during his childhood when he would walk to the center of town from his Woodside Drive home to buy a pizza.

Connections with friends and acquaintances from his childhood are also apparent. I was surprised when he told me last week that the mother of the boy pictured on the cover of the September 13 issue had already thanked him for the photo. At that point, it had only been a couple days since the sale, and I didn’t think word had spread that quickly. It turned out that he is Facebook friends with the mom, who is also a longtime Sterling resident, and Mark responded to her post about the photo.

Mark will be the project manager and the advertising sales representative for the Sterling Meetinghouse News, and will have many other responsibilities. He previously worked as an accountant, so the bookkeeping should be second nature to him. The freelance reporters will continue to cover events and town politics, and I will continue to do the graphic design.

Please join me in welcoming Mark as the new steward of the Sterling Meetinghouse News. He plans to continue the philosophy that this newspaper really belongs to the residents of the town, and invites all of you to continue to share news, photos, and opinions.
Susan Staudaher
Founder of the Sterling Meetinghouse News